Truth and Reconciliation

At Calgary Arts Development, EDIA work is grounded in our truth and reconciliation journey, which began in a serious way in 2017.

In 2020 we hosted a second Aisinna’kiiks Dinner and Dialogue series with Calgary Board of Education to explore and strengthen relations between Indigenous peoples and settlers. The series included Elders, artists, educators, youth, community and arts leaders. Artists are an important part of these gatherings, not only participating in the conversations, but also providing an artistic response to the dialogues and learnings at the end of the series. Aisinna’kiiks was disrupted by COVID and moved to online gatherings, with the final presentation of the artistic responses in March of 2021. 

The Original Peoples Investment Program (OPIP) supports the preservation and revitalization of First Nations/Métis/Inuit (FNMI) art through arts-based projects and activities that are supported and validated by FNMI artists, community, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers. OPIP is open to FNMI artists and collectives demonstrating a serious dedication to artistic practice at all stages of career, and FNMI-led organizations, all primarily practicing or operating in the Calgary Moh’kinsstis area. Work can be in any artistic discipline (traditional, contemporary or other). In 2020, $399,397 was invested in 44 artists or projects (57% of those who applied).