Assessors, Advisories, and Juries

We work with a number of advisors and advisories to ensure we are gathering knowledge, ideas and perspectives from people in the community with lived experiences and expertise to guide our work.

This is to ensure we have good relations with Indigenous communities and that we are living up to our EDIA values.

Elder Advisor to the President & CEO

Blackfoot Elder Saa’kokoto


Indigenous Advisory

The decision-making process for the Original Peoples Investment Program (OPIP), the Honouring the Children Program, and the Indigenous Microgrant Program is Indigenous-led, with committees including representation across nations and artistic or cultural practice. OPIP assessors are included in the assessors’ listing below. In 2022 we continued to work with this Indigenous Advisory including to advise more broadly across our organization. Members of the advisory included (listed alphabetically):


Glenna Cardinal

Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse

Staci Duchene

Yvette Denby

Jarret Twoyoungmen



Inclusive Designers in Residence

Cesar Cala

JD Derbyshire


Community Working Group

The community working group comprises a group of artists from equity-deserving communities in Calgary that meets monthly to advise us on principles and strategies including hiring practices, our commitment to equity including accessibility issues, granting programs, conflict resolution and more. This working group is one way for us to develop embedded community engagement and work towards new levels of shared leadership. Members of the community working group in 2022 included:


asmaa al-issa

jaqs gallos aquines

Cesar Cala

JD Derbyshire

Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse

Alex Felicitas

Ebony Gooden

Toyin Oladele

Leslie Robertson

Shannon Rusnak

Jared Tailfeathers

Pam Tzeng

Wunmi Idowu

Assessors and Juries

Our grant investment programs are assessed by peer assessment committees to ensure that Calgary Arts Development is fairly and responsibly distributing public dollars to artists and organizations on behalf of the citizens of Calgary. Our peer assessment committees bring their experience, knowledge, skill sets and perspectives through assessment meetings to identify the best opportunities for the arts sector. They help our staff deepen their understanding and view of the sector. Click here for information about grant assessors.

2022 Grant Program Assessors (listed alphabetically by first name)


Aaron Park

Ado Nkemka

Alèn Martel

Alex Rettie

Amair Javaid

Amanda Hu

Amelia Marie Newbert

Ann Klettke

Ann Mansolino

Areum Kim

Arif Ansari

Autumn Whiteway

Bassem Hafez

Berkley Brady

Bianca Guimarães de Manuel

Brittney Bear Hat

Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe

Cecilia Barboza

Chad Blain

Chelsea Yang-Smith

Christahh Ahh

Cindy Ansah

Cowboy Smithx

Crystal Manyfingers

Dan Cardinal McCartney

Dani Spady

Emmanuel Ho

Erin Jenkins

Geraldine Fuenmayor

Glenna Cardinal

Haema Sivanesan

Hannah Many Guns

Hesam Ohadi

Jacqueline Huskisson

Jared Herring

Jared Tailfeathers

Jarrett Twoyoungmen

Jasmine Piper

Javier Vilalta

Jeanne Kwong

Jennifer Ewen

Jerome de Gourville

Jessica Hawryluk

Jocelyn Mah

Julya Hajnoczky

Karen C Begg

Kathryn Blair

Katie Wackett

Kay Thomas

Kiana Wu

Kodie Rollan

Laurie Anne Fuhr

Linda Kee

Maggie MacKenzie

Mark Hopkins

Maryam Gowralli

Matt Watterworth

May Nyitrai

Meghann Michalsky

Melissa Monteros

Michelle Brandenburg

Misha Maseka

Mitzi Murray

Monda Mahmoud

Morgan Melenka

Mpoe Mogale

Pardeep Sooch

Patricia Grimwood

Philip Bowen

Richelle Bear Hat

Rick Gaudio

Rona Altrows

Rose Brow

Erin Saunders

Sammy Jean

Samuel Obadero

Sanaa Humayun

Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse

Skye Louis

Staci Duchene

Stéphanie De Roy

Suneetha Alokam

Susan Dumont

Sushree Mishra

Tamara Eaker

Thomas Geddes

Tim Mah

Toyin Oladele

Twinkle Banerjee

Uii Savage

Vicki Chau

Vicki Stroich

Vivian Smith

Yolanda Sargeant

Yvette Denby

Zaire Ink

Cultural Leaders Legacy Arts Awards Juries

Recipients of the 2022 Cultural Leaders Legacy Arts Awards were selected by juries, each comprising a past award-winner, a representative from the benefactor organization and artistic peers.

2022 Cultural Leaders Legacy Arts Awards Jury members (listed alphabetically by last name)


Arif Aansari

Lanre Ajayi

Brett Dahl

Jerilynn Daniels

Bassem Hafez

Hali Heavy Shield

Mark Hopkins

Natasha Jensen

Andrea Koyama

Daorcey LeBray

Sara Leishman

Erin MacBerko

Simon Mallet

Daniel McCartney

Olivia Rocksar

Cecilia Schlemm

Carol Schwartz-Kapunscinski

Saloni Sharma

Ayla Stephen

Cheryl Sung

Smitha Varghese

Sydonne Warren

Jocelyn Wedman

Elaine Weryshko

Mark Wold