Assessors, Advisories, and Juries

Our grant investment programs are assessed by peer assessment committees to ensure that Calgary Arts Development is fairly and responsibly distributing public dollars to artists and organizations on behalf of the citizens of Calgary.

Our peer assessment committees bring their experience, knowledge, skill sets, and perspectives through assessment meetings to identify the best opportunities for the arts sector. They help our staff deepen their understanding and view of the sector.


Alanna Blackrider – OneSpot
Allan Rosales
Allison Dunne
Amelia Marie Newbert
Areum Kim
Bassam Nabil Hafez
Bianca Guimarães de Manuel
Bob Davis
Bobbi Westmam
Bryce Maruk
Carmen Marie Samolia
Carol Holmes

Chris Carson

Clare Pruess

Colleen Krueger

Craig Coolahan

Dani Spady

Dick Averns

Elaine Lee

Emmanuel Ho

Eric Rose

Erin MacLean-Berko

Evan Wilson

Gary Ellis

Ginger Carlson

Glenna Cardinal

Haysam Kadri

Jacie Alook

Jarett Sitter

Jennifer Duncan

Jessica McMann

Jiajia Li

Josh Dalledone

Kara Bullock

Kate Monaghan

Kelly Kaur

Kodie Rollan

Lanre Ajayi

Laura Reid

Lucinda Neufeld

Maria Wozniak

Marianne Elder

Marion Garden

Maud Salvi

Melrene Saloy

Micheline Maylor

Miesha Louie

Miguel Cortines

Mike Maguire

Mpoe Mogale

Nate McLeod

Nicholas Mayne

Nicole Pemberton

Po Yeh

Raeesa Farooqi

Rose Brow

Samuel Obadero

Sandra Sutter

Sharon Moore Foster

Sharon Stevens

Simon Macleod

Stephanie Wong Ken

Steve Gin

Su Ying Strang

Sunny Clark

Tamara Cardinal Himmelspach

Tereasa Maillie

Tim Mah

Toyin Oladele

Troy Emery Twigg

Valerie Planche

Vanessa Gagnon

Wunmi Idowu

Xstine Cook

Yvette Denby


The decision-making process for the OPIP is entirely FNMI-led, with committees including representation across nations and artistic or cultural practice. OPIP assessors are included in the assessors’ listing above.


2020 OPIP Advisory Committee members included (listed alphabetically):


Elder Rose Heavyhead

Glenna Cardinal

Jarret TwoYoungmen

Jessica McMann

Seth Lakota Cardinal Dodginghorse

Staci Duchene

Suitaakii Black

Yvette Denby


Recipients of the 2020 Cultural Leaders Legacy Artist Awards were selected by a jury for each award, comprising a past award-winner, a representative from the benefactor organization, and artistic peers.


2020 Cultural Leaders Legacy Artist Awards Jury members (listed alphabetically):


Alexandra Gmiterek

Amanda Koyama

Anna Ko

Areum Kim

Bassam Nabil Hafez

Bethany Yon

Bianca Miranda

Brigitte von Rothemburg

Carol Schwartz-Kapuscinski

Cheryl Sung

Clem Martini

Daorcey Le Bray

George Webber

Geraldine Ysselstein

Jerilynn Daniels

Jess Knights

Lanre Ajayi

Mark Hopkins

Mark Vazquez-MacKay

Matt Blais

Michelle Brandenburg

Natalka Lewis

Rosemary Griebel

Samuel Obadaro

Sandi Somers

Shelley Youngblut

Sheri-D Wilson

Simon Mallet

Stephanie Banszky

Stephanie Horner

Stephanie Hutchinson

Sunny Clark

Teresa Coulter

Vanessa Toews


The Aisinna’kiiks dinner and dialogue series was guided by Elder Saa’kokoto (Randy Bottle) and the following steering committee members:


Anila Lee Yuen

Chantal Chagnon

Cherie McMaster

Clancy Evans

Helen Moore-Parkhouse

Hyder Hassan

Kaley Beisiegel

Latasha Calf Robe

Marichu Antonio

Sable Sweetgrass