Board of Directors

Calgary Arts Development is governed by a board of directors, appointed by and directly accountable to our shareholder, The City of Calgary, via City Council. The board of directors governs lawfully, observing the principles of a policy governance model, with an emphasis on strategic leadership and clear distinction of board and CEO roles.

The board also identifies the principal risks of Calgary Arts Development’s business, achieves a proper balance between risks incurred and potential returns, and oversees the development of policies and the implementation of appropriate systems to manage the risks.


The board carries out its responsibilities through the work of a number of committees. Each committee meets at least four times per year, and more frequently as necessary.

Board Committees

The purpose of the finance and audit committee is to assist the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with regard to financial information, systems of internal controls, the internal audit process, and investment management activities.


2021 Finance and Audit Committee Members


Caitlyn Ducasse (chair)

Brian Krywulak

Kathleen McNally Leitch

Karin King (community member)

Brian Frank

The mandate of this committee is to make recommendations to the board on matters affecting strategy and public policy, and to provide guidance and evaluation for the development and evaluation of alignment with our mission and vision, including facilitating the strategic planning process.


2021 Strategy and Public Policy Committee Members


Barb Howard (chair)

Jeff de Boer

Kelly Morstad

Chima Nkemdirim

Evan Woolley (to November 2021)

Courtney Walcott (beginning November 2021)

Wil Knoll (community member)

Brian Frank

This committee concerns itself with governance matters, including management of the relationships between the board and the CEO and between Calgary Arts Development and the shareholder. It also has oversight of board policy review and development, human resources policy development, board recruitment, development, and evaluation.


2021 Governance and Human Resources Committee Members


Sophia Lebessis (chair)

Oliver Ho

Lisha Hassanali

Brian Frank

To oversee the bid for Calgary Arts Development in response to The City of Calgary’s RFP for a third party to assume the public art program, a public art subcommittee was created, made up of current and past Calgary Arts Development board members.


Public Art Subcommittee Members


Jeff de Boer (chair)

Chima Nkemdirim

Sophia Lebessis

Susan Veres (past board member)

Brian Frank

cSPACE Projects is a subsidiary of Calgary Arts Development in partnership with the Calgary Foundation. As such, a subcommittee of Calgary Arts Development board members undertakes specific focus on our relationship with cSPACE as the majority shareholder.


2021 cSPACE Subcommittee Members


Chima Nkemdirim (chair)

Brian Krywulak

Caitlyn Ducasse

Brian Frank